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PLAST 52 SUPER - Art. 0851/S

Laminating unit PLAST 52 art. 851-Super
Working light 520 mm. max.
Processing speed electronically adjustable up to 7 metres a minute.
As standard the machine is supplied with upper and lower rollers heater only; as option it is possible to add heating plates allowing the preheating of the film, mainly employed for digital print by toner.
The heating is controlled by separate thermostats enabling to set each single working temperature, both for rollers and for plates, ranging from 0 to 160° C.
Two adjustable blades are fitted for trimming the edges of the laminated sheet. Off cuts are automatically wound onto a reel.

PLAST 52 can operate on two sides simultaneously or just on
one side, if needed. As standard the machine is equipped with a perforating group allowing the manual separation of the sheets; the adding of our SCORPION 52 art. 856 separator unit will make this
operation automatic. The unit is arranged to take two reels of 1500 m/each, film thickness 25 to 250 micron.

The electronic system of the machine is arranged for coupling at any time to all models of our feeders and to the separating unit. All functions are controlled by a digital display computer.

Feeding units
detailed features on all available models are
listed on leaflets ‘FEEDERS’.

Connectable with:



Working width

520 mm

Working speed 

0 – 12 m./min.

N° heat rollers 

2 (up and down)


2 elements  1,3 KW each

max length of film coils 

m. 3000 x 25 microns

Coils core diameter

57 mm (2’) – 76 mm (2,5’)

Rollers pressure system


Anti curling


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