PK 95 - 120 - 140

Equipment designed to prepare customized offset plates and ambient light films.
Fully metal construction normally divisible into two parts (for passing through 80 cm doors) with a 5 drawer unit, mounted on castors with a brake.
Anti-corrosive, scratch-proof paint.
PK mounts on a computer, mod. MC2000, with 99 storable channels, equipped with a liquid crystal display, with the possibility of halving the lamp
power. This computer easily guides the operator through all its functions,signalling any faults to facilitate technical service.
• Fully dismontable metal construction for easy installation.
• Coated powder finish.
• Yellow safe light for working plane lighting.
• metal-halide lamp; BEF function: real lamp output check.
• Two power levels: full and half.
• Motorized shutter.
• Automatic light diffuser.
• Light Integrator.
• Oil-less vacuum pump.
• Minimum access for installation: cm. 60.

The PK series of vertical printing down frames is built in 3 different sizes and 3 different versions.
Fully cabined version «CAB».
Complete with 4 drawers and removable side panels. Frontal defence with lexan filter anti-U.V. and put up on wheels that pirouette for an easy displacement.
Curtain version «T».
Complete with 4 drawers. With curtain, put up on wheels that pirouette for an easy displacement.
Low-cost version «ECO».
With curtain, without drawers, support feet.
Upon request, all models can be supplied with an automatic movement system.





Blanket size

114x127 cm

140x170 cm

156x196 cm

Min plate lenght

95x115 cm

120x154 cm

140x180 cm

Number of drawers




Drawers size

55 l

55 l

55 l


380V 3PH+N

380V 3PH+N

380V 3PH+N


50 / 60 Hz

50 / 60 Hz

50 / 60 Hz.

Absorbed power

5,5 kW

5,5 kW

5,5 kW


140 cm

186 cm

182 cm


145 cm

166 cm

212 cm


260 cm

276 cm

290 cm


460 kg CAB

460 Kg T

375 Kg ECO

570 kg CAB

550 Kg T

460 Kg ECO

600 kg CAB

600 Kg T

490 Kg ECO

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